DIY Jewellery Cleaning at Home

Jewellery can lose some of it’s sparkle and lustre over time, and this is usually due to builds up, and everyday wear and tear. When sending jewellery items for professional cleaning, one of the first things a goldsmith would do is a basic cleaning, a process that can be easily performed at home.

We gladly provide you with a simple DYI plan to restore your jewellery’s sparkle in no time and with little effort.

DIY Jewellery Cleaning: 

  • Wipe the jewellery item with a lint free cloth, or kitchen roll.
  • Boil some water, place your jewellery item into a container, and pour in enough boiling water to submerge it.
  • Add a few drops of washing liquid (make sure it is bleach free), this will loosen or dissolve any stubborn dirt.
  • Wait until the water is cool enough to handle the jewellery, then start by swirling the piece around in the soapy water.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush and tap the piece gently around any small sections that might contain dirt or debris.  Make sure NOT to rub as this can scratch the metal surface.
  • Rinse the piece in the soapy water and then in fresh tap water.  Be CAREFUL not to drop it down the drain!
  • Dry the item with kitchen roll.
  • Finally, polish with a lint free cloth.

We guarantee this will add more radiance to your jewellery piece!
And in all cases, if you feel your jewellery requires professional cleaning, please contact us and we will gladly assist in restoring it to its original “out of the box” look and feel.